EVENT / Jaguar MY13 – 从容·驭世 – 2013款全新捷豹ALIVE智能科技巡

Project Name: Jaguar MY13 – 从容·驭世 – 2013款全新捷豹ALIVE智能科技巡
Creative Agency: Auditoire China
Client: Jaguar JLR – China

Managing Director: Antoine Gouin
Project manager: Jonathan Derain
Operation Director: Charles Trigueros
Production Manager: Christopher Kao
Creative Direction: Auditoire China
Video Art Director: Nathanaelle Picot – Lascop
Scenographer: Robin Rawstorne
Light Designer: Angus Muir
3D Designer(s): Michael Chen and Charles Chen
Graphic Designer: Jason Li
Video Technical Director: Gael Picquet – Lascop
Show control Programming: Julien Ribes – Lascop
Video programming: Florence Pournot – Lascop
Music: Terry Laird
Sound Design: Jean-Philippe Badoui

3D Mapping on a transparent Jaguar car Full HD Vimeo from Gael PICQUET on Vimeo.

Auditoire China_ Transparent Jaguar _ behind the scene from Auditoire on Vimeo.